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Learn to say NO

  • No to disposables

  • No to packaged foods

  • No to freebies and bargains

Simplify your life

  • Buy used

  • Simplify beauty and cleaning routine

  • Shop bulk/package-free

  • Give gifts of experience

Ditch disposables, make the most of reusables

  • Disposable razors > safety razors

  • Paper towels > cloths

  • Dish sponge > cloth or wooden brush

  • Disposable lunch bags >   reusable container

  • Tin foil/cling wrap >   container, dish towel, beeswax wrap, silicon mat

Dispose of correctly


Plastic bags, Styrofoam, and glass only accepted at the depot

More info through the My Waste App or Regional District website

Rot or Compost organic waste

  • Backyard composting – RDCO sells discounted composter in the spring

  • Green Cone Food Digester available online

  • Worm or VermiComposting available at Briteland

The 5 Rs of Zero Waste

The secret to low-waste living

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